Recap of UX LIVE 2017


"UX LIVE combines the best of big conference ideas with the open friendliness of niche networking events. The diverse speakers and panels provided plenty of food for thought for long after the event ended."

Sam Clark, Conjure CEO

"Plenty of deep-dives into the craft and methods adopted by some of our industry’s best practitioners. Definitely one for the calendar."

David Bailey – Creative Director UX&D, BBC

"Everyone who came, everyone I met, has been incredibly engaged in what they’re doing and they’re really out to change the world! The calibre of the speakers was extremely high; they’re really the movers and shakers in this industry. It’s been just a joy being here."

Eric Reiss CEO & Author, FatDux

“It’s been great to be here, as much to listen to the speakers as to just talk to people in the community. I’ve taken a lot away personally, and things I’m going to take back to my team."

Kristin Arnold, UX Director, Google

"The ability to access individuals working in big brands and agencies is absolutely crucial; if you’re trying to get in front of those people, this is the place."

Emen Rita Usanga Founder, Mentor & Consultant, This is Nuance

"UX is becoming an increasingly crucial element in an already wide skillset for designers and developers, and the UX LIVE conference is at the heart of this rapid change. I'm looking forward to their future events."

Betty Adamou, Research Through Gaming