Abi Reynolds

Principal UX Consultant


Designing for Humans: How to Apply Psychology Principles to Create Better Designs

We humans like to use biases and shortcuts to help us filter and sort information and make decisions faster.  As UX’ers,  an understanding of those pre-dispositions and principles such as selections bias, Fitts Law, Gestalt theory, and attentional blindness (to name but a few) can help us create more intuitive engaging user experiences.    Having been involved in user experience for over 10 years from both a client and consultancy side, in this talk Abi will share some insights and examples of how she has seen these principles applied to create good, bad and (sometimes) downright annoying user experiences.

About Abi Reynolds

Abi has been involved in research and user experience in one way or another for over 10 years.
She is currently Principal Consultant with User Vision, Edinburgh and leads a small team of UX consultants there. They work with clients from across industry to help them better understand the behaviour and needs of their customers in order to design more user centred and relevant experiences. Abi’s areas of particular interest include developing the agency’s suite of UX training programmes and supporting clients build their own in-house UX strategies.

Prior to joining User Vision Abi was UX Research Manager at Paddy Power, Dublin and was involved in the development of a range of gaming and entertainment products for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Previously Abi set-up and managed a usability lab in National College of Ireland (Dublin).

When not flying regularly between Edinburgh and Dublin, she likes blogging about all things UX and anything in particular that takes her fancy, on https://uxfactor.wordpress.com