Alastair Somerville

Sensory Design Consultant

15.40 - 16.15

Saying No to Normality

Normality is a modern idea. It was created for an age of industrial conformity. One side effect was to exclude people who were did
not match the norm.

Product development is still trapped by old ideas of averages and norms that make no sense when our goal is user-centred design.

This talk is about the history of normality, the damaging effects of norms, how we recognise the easy bias to normality and how we can use new tools to design for inclusion.

We can say no to normality.

About Alastair Somerville

Alastair Somerville is a sensory design consultant. He provides expert advice on cognition and person-centred design for both physical and digital products to large companies and public organisations (including Google and the Scottish Government). He facilitates workshops on sensory and emotional design for corporations and major conferences, including SouthBy Southwest (SxSW), UX Week, Interaction and O'Reilly Design. He is currently involved in cognitive accessibility projects for new public spaces and transport in London.