Betty Adamou

CEO and Founder, RTG


Surveys as Digital Games: Online Research Through Transformative Design and UX

Surveys are boring, but by making them into games intrinsically engaging experiences for participants and even research buyers start to happen. These are ‘ResearchGames’, a methodology invented by Betty Adamou and now used by Fortune 500 brands as well as academic institutions.


This design and UX focus presentation highlights how using ResearchGames has transformed the research process, and Betty will be sharing highlights and case-studies with real ResearchGame-play footage.


Using games for research has allowed us to completely re-think the ‘survey’ in terms of design yes, but also the entire user experience; even how the entire Market Research industry could work.

Through ResearchGames, online research is no longer a retrospective view on how well your company did, but a platform that can be used for predictive modelling for the future.

Through digital ResearchGame-play, researchers can observe in-game behaviours and reactions to certain scenarios, and how emotions drive choices, to an unlimited stream of virtual simulations. Such simulations and data help brands to understand what people want for the future, and help to avoid costly mistakes.

But our ResearchGames do more – through personalisation, the use of audio and narratives, we engage participants on multiple levels to gain better quality data and even untapped insights otherwise unavailable through traditional surveying methods.

About Betty Adamou

Betty Adamou is a British designer and co-developer of digital games for online research (as a replacement for the traditional ‘survey’), inventor of research methodology “ResearchGames™, and an award-winning innovator and entrepreneur.

She is the CEO, Founder and Chief ResearchGame™ designer of award-winning research company Research Through Gaming Ltd (RTG).

Since the inception of RTG, Adamou has been frequently named as a pioneer of game-based research, a researcher of influence, a thought-leader, research innovator, and most recently one of 7 females shaping the future of market research. As such, Adamou’s foresight is often sought by industry publications through interviews on the future of market research and in particular, the impact of emerging and future technologies on data collection.