C Collins/D Attwater

Sen Consult/Sen Scientist

11.15 - 11.50

It’s better to be a good machine than a bad person!

People just want to talk with machines like they talk with people right?   In this talk, David and Caroline will examine this often unchallenged assumption and explore how people really talk with machines.

Using real-world examples of experience design and video clips showing good and bad design practices, David and Caroline will examine how users accommodate their behaviour to the perceived capabilities of machines and you will learn how to avoid the verbal equivalent of the uncanny valley!

About C Collins/D Attwater

David Attwater has over 17 years of experience in speech user interface design and testing. He has a specific focus on customer usability testing and is an acknowledged expert in the design and testing of natural language solutions for customer service, including digital assistants.

Caroline Collins has been working as a conversational interface consultant for over 15 years covering projects in the UK, US, Europe and Africa. She is fascinated by spoken language, particularly when people communicate with machines, and loves any opportunity to do detailed usability studies observing not just the language used but also the paralinguistic features that tell us so much about the user experience. She also loves baking.