Chris Gibbins

Director of UX & Optimisation


Mastering the Art of Experimentation

If you’re struggling to measure the actual impact of your UX improvements, keen to make a bigger difference to your users more quickly, bored with blindly following so-called ‘best practice’ or just copying others and would like to be more adventurous with your ideas, then you really need to embrace experimentation. You need to be regularly carrying out A/B tests with all of your users. It’s one of the most important methods for UXers and product teams to get to grips with and one that perfectly compliments a lean UX approach.

In this workshop you’ll learn about the different mindset that you need as a UXer and also the practical skills required for designing ‘in the wild’ type experiments with A/B testing tools.

This interactive session will cover:

– Ideation and sketching of initial design solutions to customer problems

– Writing clear evidence-based hypotheses

– Experiment design

– A walkthrough of how to build an experiment on a live website

– Interpreting the results

We’ll also take a look at more advanced subjects such as personalisation and machine learning driven optimisation.

There’s such a high demand for UXers who are highly skilled in experimentation methods such as A/B testing and yet far too few of them out there!

About Chris Gibbins

A User Experience, Optimisation & Personalisation specialist with many years of experience helping retailers and other e-commerce businesses continually improve the customer experience, increase conversion rates and revenues. Leading a talented team at Biglight and working with fantastic clients such as Asda George, Aurum, Boden, Eurostar, Furniture Village, Halfords, The North Face, Timberland and Vans.


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