Claudia Poma

Service Design Lead


Envisioning future journeys – Tarot Cards as a design tool

Creating real and compelling customer journeys begins with a story.  We all want to be great storytellers, however often times, it’s easy to focus on a single part of the story and leave out the archetypal figures that have been the basis of traditional storytelling for centuries.

To create more fully formed stories, we need a way of identifying all of the characters, understanding their environment and exploring the situations that take place.

In this workshop, we will explore the use of Tarot Cards as an instrument to envision future developments, possibilities and opportunities for new customer journeys.

About Claudia Poma

Claudia is a Service Designer, Design Strategist and an Interaction Designer with experience working across borders in the UK, Netherlands and Costa Rica.

She believes design is more than an act of beautification. For her design is how a business becomes meaningful to people. It’s a way of working, thinking, and living. She approaches her work strategically understanding users, turning their needs into products and experiences that matter.