Colin Burns

Chief Design Officer

18.00 - 18.45

On Peak Web UX Design - how might we head into the (next) valley..?

The rise of the App and new UX modalities like Voice and Augmented Reality means that we will have more care-abouts in the future than “traditional” website design. What new skills and tools do we need to weave into our practice to augment our current GUI methods..?

About Colin Burns

Colin Burns is the Chief Design Officer for BBC Design & Engineering. He leads the User Experience & Design team that is responsible for the UX and Service Design of the BBC’s key online products and the delivery systems that underpin them.

His work has focused on the use of Design Thinking to provide organisations with Design, Innovation and Transformation strategies. He helps people and teams make the most of their creative resources.

Prior to joining the BBC, Colin was Global Head of Interaction Design at IDEO, Managing Director of IDEO London, Group Director at Elmwood Brand Design, and worked as an independent creative consultant through his own agency, Martach.

Colin is an expert design leader and facilitator of creative working approaches and honorary Professor of Design at Dundee University and Glasgow School of Art.