Chad Jennings

Chief Experience Officer

18.00 - 18.45

Fooling Ourselves With Data

Data is obviously fundamental to modern design and product decision making, but with an industry average conversion rate of 3%, most of our data is biased towards the minority of existing customers who have successfully converted. What about the majority who are non-customers? We are often blind to why non-customers fail, yet break-through products can come from understanding the potential customers who never show up in our dashboards and models. Let’s stop navel gazing and consider how we can better uncover insights that can drive growth, as well as useful, usable and delightful products.

About Chad Jennings

Chad has spent nearly twenty years at the intersection of product, design, brand and technology, following a Master’s Degree in human-centered design from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. In addition to co-founding Blurb, the creative publishing platform, he has led product and user experience within companies such as Method, Smart Design, EF Education First, and MOO. He joined Babylon Health in April draw by the mission to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. At Babylon Health, as Chief Experience Officer, Chad leads Product Management, Product Design and UX Research for Babylon’s native and web experiences.