Craig Sullivan

Optimiser in Chief

16.15 - 16.50

Mining Google Analytics to Optimise Mobile Conversion

What’s wrong with mobile conversion? Why won’t visitors drive the revenue or conversion figures we are looking for? There may be thousands of things we feel we should change – but where do you get started? What’s most important?

What if you could measure the device experience – and tell what worked poorly, where it went wrong in the customer journey and how big the impact was?

Craig will share the reasons why these bugs may not be reported by customers and give you a 15 minute technique for mining the key device groups, using his experience of modelling over 400 companies. You’ll figure out how to pinpoint device experience flaws and to drill down to the device and the page or step that might be broken. As an added benefit, you’ll know exactly what your customers actually use and which devices you should be buying for your QA team!

Craig has trained over 500 people in product optimisation techniques, finding over 500M himself of ‘lost annual revenue’ using this one technique. With a full pack of slides, Google Analytics reports, an Excel sheet and step by step instructions, you’ll have everything you need to find your own missing money back at the office!

About Craig Sullivan

Craig has been blending UX, Analytics, AB Testing and Customer Insight methods for over 12 years, optimising outcomes for companies like Google, Amazon, Spotify, Eurostar, Lego, Asos and Red Bull.   Although he started out in 2001 as a usability test moderator, he has gradually learned the best results come from using prioritised qualitative and quantitative research methods.

He’s put all these into practice building highly accessible, delightful, fast and successful products for John Lewis, Waitrose, LOVEFiLM, Autoglass and Amazon.   Craig has now coached over 500 people at more than a hundred clients, helping them to unlock the latent value inside their products or services.  Using a mixture of design thinking, lean, agile, analytics, experimentation and cultural change, he’s driven over £3Bn in additional revenue at these companies.