David Fennell

Experience Director


The inner game of UX: Mind hacks to optimise your daily experience of life in digital

Digital is mental.

We spend our working lives trying to find meaning for the customer. We cram concepts and processes to craft high-performance products, to transform brands. But in the end, the product is the team – and your experience in it.

Let’s take a little break from thinking about the user, and talk about you. How do you think your way through it all? Because the way you think IS the project, and it’s what you get to take with you to the next one.

The first thing you’ve got to do is turn up in the room

About David Fennell

David has been in digital so many years he now lies on his CV that he has less! He was programming a ZX Spectrum aged 16. He studied architecture at the infamous Architectural Association, where he encountered the Apple Mac and Photoshop 1.

He started his first digital agency before the internet. With a team of 8 art students he did instore touchscreens for Ford Cars and Rolls-Royce Aerospace.

He led the UX masterplanning of the biggest digital transformation programme ever attempted by Deutsche Bank: a £5Bn, 10 year replatforming, to provide a unified interface for 100k employees worldwide. At Daily Mail Group Euromoney he headed the ux development of their Semantic Publishing Platform. As Head of UX at Virgin Media he established a team described as ‘the best team in the building’, introduced Agile optimisation, increasing the baseline conversion from .8 to 1.4 in 8 months.

Recently he led the product development of HSBC Premier’s flagship app Jade, with Dentsu Aegis Fetch.

He is currently designing a bank from the ground up for an undisclosed Fintech startup.