David Stevens/Anna Martin

Head of Service Design Strategy


From Jobs to Job Stories

‘Jobs To Be Done’ may be the method of the moment, but how does it actually relate to the design and delivery of customer-centred products and services? In this high-energy immersive workshop David Stevens and Anna Martin use the power of customer progress in ‘jobs theory’ combined with fun-filled design tools help that help you build tangible propositions that break new ground for your business and transform the lifetime value from your existing customers.

About David Stevens/Anna Martin

David Stevens:

David has spent the last 11 years helping businesses and organisations solve big problems through design.

Currently heading up Barclays' Service Design Strategy team, David is responsible for creating a 'common sense' approach to customer-focused research, design and delivery in one of the UK's largest financial institutions.

Advocating an empathetic, evidence-based approach to design, David believes design comes from doing. He helps teams step away from the spreadsheets focus on what matters - understanding and practically solving real-world customer problems.

Anna Martin:

Anna is an experienced and skilled proposition manager, with a core focus on customer experience. She is an experienced business analyst and cross-channel strategist, specialising in digital transformation and change management. As Head of Service Design, Anna leads a multidisciplinary team to ensure the delivery of premium customer experiences and products.