Diane Kim

AI Interaction Designer

14.00 - 14.35

Designing Intelligent Agents and a New Class of "Perceived Errors"

As we move to the conversational UI and take advantage of NLP and AI, the way we interact with technology changes dramatically. The standard GUI is many times fully eliminated, leading to novel challenges in UX. The more “invisible” or seamless a software is, the more tasks that are removed from a user’s oversight, and the output is not always as expected. But sometimes that output is correct within the parameters given and simply perceived as an error.

Diane will talk through the design challenges x.ai has encountered with perceived errors, how we thought about the problem and the approaches we’re exploring to resolve it.

About Diane Kim

Diane Kim is an AI Interaction Designer at x.ai, an artificial intelligence startup based in NYC. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied Cognitive Science with a focus in Computation. As an AI interaction designer, Diane owns the “voice” of Amy and Andrew Ingram, x.ai’s scheduling assistants.