Edd Atcheson

Principal Innovation Designer

14.35 - 15.10

Ditch the journey map, it’s time to inspire theatre

Traditionally the internet and direct marketing have made us think of UX and design in a linear fashion. We will explore how linear journey maps and traditional funnels need to be thrown when products and services are mere commodities and experience is your new brand. New technology is allowing theatre to come into our experiences through new mediums and artificial intelligence and increases in computing power. We will explore how you can think about UX and design to bring out your inner theatre director.

About Edd Atcheson

Edd Atcheson has over 20 years’ experience helping companies transform themselves into experience businesses and creating space for innovation through digital transformation. Before joining Adobe, he led the customer experience digital transformation for Royal Bank of Scotland, British Gas, Sky, Virgin Atlantic, American Express, Volvo for the brands or through agencies i.e. AKQA, Ogilvy, Grey, LBi and many other brands. Recently he’s been exploring how AI can help create experiences that are relevant and personal with an Artificial Intelligence Patent going through the US Patent Process.