Emmanuelle Savarit

Research Director


Managing user research data: collecting, storing, analysing

This workshop will be organised in 3 parts:

The first part will be starting with reviewing all the different data that can be collected during a user research project. (20 minutes)

(5 minutes break)

The second part, will be looking at how to collect data during user testing? note taking (from observation);  audio recordings (from interviews);  screen and video recordings and we will also look at how Eye tracking, how it helps to get stronger data. (40 minutes)

(5 minutes break)

And the last part will be a practical exercise to collect, analyse and extract findings. (1h)

The aim of this workshop is to give an overview of the different methods to collect data. We will focus on user testing data collection, how to organise the data and to analyse them.  attendees will be exposed to different equipment that is available (e.g. free software, for remote testing, screen capture, Eye tracking etc.). We will also explain how to analyse the data with reliable research methods.

About Emmanuelle Savarit

Dr Emmanuelle Savarit has a strong academic background in research, psychology and human-computer interaction. She completed a PhD in on how people who suffer from Stroke and more specifically of Aphasia manage to communicate using objects and the surrounding environment. She was invited to the Centre of Language Interaction and Culture department of Sociology and Anthropology at UCLA, where she worked closely with leaders in qualitative research methodology and human interaction. This is when Emmanuelle started offering her services on a freelance basis for several companies in the Silicon Valley. As well as continuing her freelance activity in user experience, Emmanuelle has worked at the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), France, one of the leading French engineering universities, followed by the Clinical Safety Research Unit at Imperial College, London, to work as a research associate.

In 2010 Emmanuelle left academia and decided to focus exclusively on the private sector and set up Analyse-Concept Ltd, which is specialised in user experience research. She offered her services in the private sector for companies such as Betfair, HSBC, Thompson Reuters, Graze, Odigeo, Adecco etc. as well as in the public sector for the Home Office, DWP and SFA, DfE

Emmanuelle is also frequently invited to talk at conference in the UK as well as around the world (e.g. USA, India, France).