Fiz Yazdi

Managing Director


Handling difficult conversations

Have you ever had a conversation that you’ve avoided, fudged, or handled badly? Whether it’s an angry exchange or a confrontation avoided, the feelings we’re left with are strikingly similar: a sense of doom, powerlessness, and simmering anger.

Conversations can be difficult because they’re high-stakes, they bring up difficult feelings, or they make people feel threatened.

Being able to step into those moments and handle them skilfully helps us to build a more honest, open environment, and helps us to do better work. Difficult conversations are at the heart of leadership – and they can transform your work.

This workshop will help you to define what makes a conversation difficult, and why they’re a good thing. It will give you three frameworks for handling difficult conversations. And you’ll have a chance to practice some skills and say three things you’ll do differently in future.

About Fiz Yazdi

Fiz is an enthusiastic design leader. She’s been consulting since the year 2000, tooling-up people teams and organisations for success. She’s been on a journey from UX consultant to Managing Director at cxpartners helping it grow to one of the world’s leading independent innovation design consultancies. She mentors high-growth, high-tech start-ups, too.

Fiz always starts with people and combines that with a deep respect for culture business and technology to drive damn good work.