Jenny Gove

UX Research Lead

11.15 - 11.50

Transforming the web: Designing from both sides of the screen.

Progressive Web Apps enable fast, integrated, reliable and engaging web experiences. Browser vendors are enabling progressive experiences, not only through mobile web apps but also installable desktop applications. At this time, the development of PWAs is being driven primarily by the developer community. We’ll talk about the role that UX can and should play in this transformation – and why it is so important for us to partner with developers to do so. We’ll look at the new technologies that are transforming the web and why and how these can enable better experiences for users.

About Jenny Gove

Jenny Gove is a User Experience Research Lead at Google, where she conducts research on smartphone use, facilitates design sprints and trains others to do so. Jenny's current area of focus is online Payments. Previously Jenny managed the Apps, Social, and the Ads Design Research teams at Google, conducted research at Sun Microsystems, and designed interactive experiences at a start­up, Zadu. Jenny started her career in academia, and was a Lecturer at the Open University, UK, where she conducted Educational Technology research. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Southampton in the UK.