Josh Payton



Leaders not Managers

Theres a running joke in the design business that the better you get as a designer the more you get promoted into management positions where you don’t really design anymore. That’s unfortunate. The digital medium evolves so quickly that within a matter of months everything can change—technologies, platforms, form factors, best practices—It’s all up for grabs. In this business if you don’t stay hands-on you become irrelevant very quickly.

In my talk I’ll share my perspective on creative leadership and the interplay between craft, vision, strategy, process, management, and team structure. I’ll share several projects, initiatives and experiences in an effort to unpack what good design leadership looks like.

About Josh Payton

As VP, User Experience at Huge, Josh oversees the creation and rapid prototyping of concepts, ecosystems and interfaces for the agency’s client base in the UK and across Europe. Having worked in Huge’s Brooklyn and Los Angeles offices, Josh moved to London four years ago, where his clients include Hublot, The Economist, Thomson Reuters, Enel, South West Trains and Credit Suisse. A seasoned speaker, Josh has given talks at the IAB, HOW Design, Generate Conference and IxDA, and has served as a juror for the IAB Mixx Awards and The Net Awards.

Josh also leads Huge School in London, the agency’s accelerated training programme for those who want to pursue a career in experience design.  Prior to joining Huge, Josh was the User Experience Design Lead for the home and storefront pages at and a Senior Designer for Microsoft, Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive and Yahoo News.