Kate Towsey

ResearchOps Consultant

12.50 - 13.25

What is ResearchOps?

How a global, community-driven research project answered the question

In March 2018, Kate started a Slack community for ResearchOps, a field she has been consulting in for years but had no name for. Within 2 months, the community had grown to 600 people and they’d formed a team of 30 to collaborate on a global research project that asked, ‘What is ResearchOps?’. The research project included a survey, a series of global workshops, and coordinated effort to analyse and illustrate the results.

In this talk, Kate will be speaking on behalf of TeamReOps: all the thinkers and organisers who put countless hours into making this research possible. She’ll share why they wanted to ask the question, what they learned as a result of the research, and what they think research means for user research as a practice. If you’ve bumped into operational problems in doing user research, feel like your job is more logistics than research, or your team is growing and you’re not prepared, this talk is for you.

About Kate Towsey

Kate's been working in digital since 2004, as a project manager, content strategist and then a user researcher. She's spent the best part of the last five years user researching user researchers - it's meta! She specialises in research operations: she designed and delivered user research infrastructure - labs, panels, media archives - and worked on research data security for clients such as GDS and Co-op Digital.

When not working on 'ResearchOps', Kate works as a user researcher. An ex-journalist and content strategist, Kate also edits books for tech publications and rarely says no to a wordsmithing opportunity. Kate has a long-term love of India and she's learning Hindi. She's also currently studying for a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition.