Leigh Garland



Making VR Work on the Web

User experience on the web has come a long way in the 20 years since the dot.com boom of the late nineties. Familiar patterns, common libraries, tried and tested approaches. It’s easy to make good work, and to make good work work good.

VR has already exploded for games, and some niche applications – but now that it’s possible to do VR at the end of a URL, in a browser, what does that mean for UX?

What do links, buttons and menus look like? Do we even need them?

How do people fill in forms? Why would they want to?

Haven’t games designers already solved most of this stuff?

Will ‘bad design’ make our users throw up?

Will we all end up in the matrix? (The answer is probably yes)


The session will be a practical introduction to some of the emergent paradigms in VR, and how they might be treated responsively for web users. There will be a variety of VR devices, but please bring your smartest smartphones and laptops if you want to make digital things. There may will be some cutting things out with scissors.




20 mins introduction to WebVR

45 mins – group exercise

25 mins – discussion, presentation & close.




Cardboard boxes, sharpies, scissors & sticky tape.

About Leigh Garland

Leigh has been breaking things with computers for over thirty years, and has spent the last twenty working almost exclusively with websites. The last 10 years he’s been privileged enough to work with big enterprises including a number of banks, retailers, government departments, airlines, newspapers and at least one drinks manufacturer. All of which pushed his sanity to the limit.

3 years ago, he formed Studio Zero, a consultancy and digital product studio, and in the last year has been helping innovative businesses and industries discover their future in the immersive web.

The polygons may be low, but the future is bright. If this doesn’t work out, then he’s also open to opportunities as a voiceover artist.