Michelle Stirling

UX Manager

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About Michelle Stirling

Looking back my first UX project wasn’t called that at all, UX wasn’t even a thing. I worked for the Driving Standards Agency (booking Driving Tests) and I was asked to setup a pilot for assessing Taxi Drivers. I didn’t realise it at the times but this was UX design – talking to stakeholders (council and examiners) and users (taxi drivers) about their expectations and needs, designing the test, the booking system and of course going live! I loved it!

My career then took me to Sage as a technical support advisor and I worked my way around Sage (Sales, IT Helpdesk, Project Manager) before moving into the R&D department as a Business Analyst. At that time there was one Usability Specialist in the department and she was running a series of 2 day workshops on usability. I remember my manager telling me to attend the course but then to “forget about it and continue doing what you’re doing”.

But I loved it! And it changed the way I thought about everything. A few months later a Usability role came up and I went for it. Over time I progressed to Senior UX Specialist (they changed the job title from Usability to UX in the middle) and then 2 years ago I was promoted to manager.

I manage a team of UX-ers and Content Authors across two locations (Newcastle and Manchester) who deliver the UX and UA for all UK and some global Sage products.

Outside of work, I can’t help but question everything, particularly in relation to how something affects the people who use it, and why people make the decisions that they do. I think that natural curiosity into human behaviour is the crux of why I’m good at what I do; I care passionately about making a difference to the people who use our products all day every day.

I also dabble in photography and I love travelling, I’m forever planning my next holiday.