J.Margus Klaar

Founder & Service Designer


Making Things Work the Way People Expect Them to Work

Meeting customer expectations, and sometimes exceeding them, is by far the most effective marketing there is. However, developing services and products to simply work the way people expect them to work is often revolutionary. Service design is like a good diet combined with exercise. Nothing strange about it, and if done right, it has a perfect track record.

Surprisingly, service design simply follows Peter Drucker’s advice from 1954: “the only functions in business that create value are marketing and innovation. All the rest are costs.” This is because service design = marketing + innovation.

By focusing on the customer, throughout the whole customer journey, from need to satisfaction, instead of just the moments of transaction, service design helps improve brand loyalty, repeat purchases, WOM and staff motivation and all other good things.

Shouldn’t be difficult, but like diet and exercise, it requires discipline.

About J.Margus Klaar

Margus is a Swiss-Swedish-Canadian-Estonian currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. As a founding partner of Brand Manual in 2009, his job has been to grow the international business of the company. His other responsibility is the continuous development of the process and tools of service design that Brand Manual applies daily to client projects, and as such has been a frequent speaker at national and international branding and service design conferences.

He has published numerous articles on the subject of branding and service design both in press and on the Brand Manual blog and is the author of the book “How to have your cake and eat it too – an introduction to service design”. He is also active in the Service Design Network (global community for service design) and is the catalyst behind the Service Design Award, which was launched in October 2015 in New York.

Working with clients, Margus’ strength is in designing homogenous long-term strategy and single-minded concepts out of disparate, and sometimes at first sight contradictory, information. He’s been a guest lecturer at Marketing Institute and Berghs School of Communication, as well as various business schools, and is a design mentor at the European Innovation Academy.