Andrea Picchi

Lead Experience Designer


The 3 dimensions of design: Scaling a human- centered practice across the organisation.

It’s undeniable that the role of design grew in many companies around the globe, but very few were able to succeed in the journey of embedding design into the day-to- day operations.

While every company represents a unique challenge, there is a common factor behind this widely experienced struggle. The
fundamental misunderstanding regarding what design is, and what it requires to establish, nurture, and grow its practice is the
primary factor behind this struggle.

In this lecture, we will break down the concept of “design” and the act of “designing”and we will map the results on a framework
that can facilitate the journey of embracing design at scale as a core competency across the organisation.

About Andrea Picchi

Andrea is a strong-willed Designer with a Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science background and an extensive creative, managerial, and operational knowledge.

With 20+ years of experience in the product, service, and experience design field, in the past decade, he has been leading and motivating teams and personally contributing to the creation of integrated multi-device experiences. He brings skills from cognitive psychology and computer science in conjunction with a passion for Experience and Human Centered Design, brand management, and marketing sensibility to the team and the projects.

Andrea is well versed with the consumer product and service strategy, user research, information architecture and interaction design, industrial design and ergonomics, visual and graphic design.