Paddy Cole/Drew Stokoe

Principal Des & Proj Lead

14.35 - 15.10

Farfetch’s Store of the Future

The Store of the Future is cool and futuristic, but it’s also difficult and rough!

In this talk, Drew and Paddy will challenge the design community perception of what the Store of the Future really is. They’ll share how at the core of it all, they are trying hard to design a service which adds real customer needs to the tech on the luxury space, with the main goal being to deliver beautiful but meaningful experiences.

About Paddy Cole/Drew Stokoe

Paddy - Senior Product Designer - Mobile at Farfetch

Having studied and worked in UX & Interaction Design for over 5 years, Paddy is always learning new technologies and approaches to enhance a users experience in a digital world. Making digital products and tools a pleasure to use, rather than a chore.

Drew Stokoe - Lead Product Designer (Store of the Future) at Farfetch (@drewstokoe)

"What happens if we pull this lever?"

Drew was previously part of a ridiculous product team, (ex Apple, Facebook, IBM) using new technology to create in-store shopping experiences for luxury fashion brands and boutiques around the world. He now leads the Product Design for the 'Store of the Future!' (LinkedIn -