R Barrington/B Binning

UX Reas/Design Lead

9.30am - 11.50am

Strategies for conducting research in domains you don’t understand.  

As user researchers, we need to understand our users and their needs. But, how do we conduct effective user research without thorough domain knowledge?  

Working in an enterprise IT organisation, the time we have available to effectively deliver actionable insights is affected by many factors such as commercial deadlines. At IBM we work in specific technical domains that often require us to have a baseline level of understanding prior to conducting any research. While our goal is not to become experts in these fields, we do have to find rapid repeatable ways of increasing our domain knowledge in a very short space of time. 

Within this workshop, we will outline strategies for conducting effective user research in complex domains. You will learn and apply methods for gathering insights on complex topics with very little domain knowledge. 

About R Barrington/B Binning

Rhiannon Barrington:

Rhiannon is a UX Researcher with a background in Cognitive Psychology. Currently working at IBM, Rhiannon conducts research to help improve the user experience for products in the Hybrid DevOps and Management portfolio. Before joining IBM, Rhiannon worked at the BBC where she was a design researcher for internal tools. During this time, she conducted research to help improve the workflows for staff at the BBC. Rhiannon enjoys exploring complex workflows which require a service design approach to problem solving. Outside of work, Rhiannon likes to keep active, enjoying kickboxing, bouldering and a range of other activities. She also likes biscuits so feel free to offer her one if you have a packet! 

Britta Binning:

Britta has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise software, specialising in using Design Thinking to solve complex business problems. As Design Lead for one of IBM's emerging products, Britta understands how to empathise with Product Owners, Architects and Developers, and Executives so that the voices of Creative, Technical, and Business Stakeholders all are heard as part of a project and aligned around market goals to deliver solutions to end users' problems.