Rag Koti

UX Research Lead

12.50 - 13.25

The Art of B2B Research

B2B Research

In this talk, UX Research Lead Rag Koti will teach you to understand B2B research and how it is different to B2C.

What are the key challenges in planning and conducting research in a B2B setting?

She will discuss this and more, including examples of successful execution within Spotify.

About Rag Koti

Life’s interests define us!

Rag’s endless curiosity about people and technology led her to pursue Psychology and HCI. Besides her keen interest in watching people using technology, she also enjoys great food and travelling to different countries both expensive vices acquired 15 years ago when she began her career as an Ethnographer at Intel.

Rag has had an extensive track record of leading high-performance UX research teams and has been very successful in embedding research in agile product delivery process. 
She has spent the past 15 years applying user-centric and experience led thinking and inspired teams and organisations through insight-driven storytelling, customised research methodologies to guide product and brand strategy, customer experience, innovation, product planning and development.
Based out of London, Rag has worked in multinational companies such as Vodafone, SkyB, Schibsted and is currently working at Spotify.
Rag ’s laugh is contagious and her homemade coffee is legendary. She loves Adele, badminton, poetry and wine. If you are still curious about Rag there is lots more but will save that for our meeting at the UX Live conference.