Robert M. Fein

Experience Director


Pathways of Desire: Applying Design Thinking to Digital Transformation

“Digital Transformation” has become the panacea for all the ills and challenges a medium to large company has in the face of the dreaded disruptors.

Unfortunately, most if not all will fail.

The common thread will be simply that people hate change and the transformation programs do not focus making people want to change.

This talk will explore this issue with elements drawn from case studies and a variety of experiences

About Robert M. Fein

Robert Fein is an award-winning Experience Director and Strategist who successfully balances commercial, customer and team needs. His 20+ years working client and agency-side has given him a breadth and depth of experience across a range of industries and domains from responsive multi- / omni-channel Retail (both eCommerce and content-centric propositions), FinTech, and Media through consumer software applications and SAAS solutions for non-profits.

Recently, Robert has been involved in a number of Digital Transformation programmes (The AA, and JP Morgan to name two).

His role was to provide the expertise and leadership to move to a design-led model.