Robert Youmans

Head of UX Research Sciences

09.30 - 10.05

Key Principles of Cognitive Design

Cognitive psychologists study mental processes that humans engage in as they process information from the world around them, with a focus on attention, memory, and perception. While there are some small variations in how these mental processes operate from person to person, many years of scientific research have demonstrated that there are some fundamentals with regard to how humans interact with information.

In this talk, Rob will identify several of these fundamental principles, and will argue that it is paramount that UX designers are curious about how these mental processes influence users interactions with products. Further, Rob will argue that understanding these processes is essential for designing products and systems that operate in harmony with users’ mental capacities, a principle called Cognitive Design.

About Robert Youmans

Dr. Robert J. Youmans is a cognitive psychologist who heads up YouTube’s User Experience Research Sciences (UXRS) team.

Prior to joining Google, Rob was the Director of the Creative Design and User Experience (CDUX) laboratory at George Mason University (2011-2014), and was Assistant Professor of Applied Cognition at California State University, Northridge (2007-2011). Rob earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology with a doctoral minor in Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago (2007) for his research on links between physical prototyping and creative design. His M.A. degree in Experimental Psychology was awarded in 2003 by Wake Forest University for his research investigating human decision-making.