Roman Schoenboom

Senior Service Designer


A (failed) change story – Increasing Service Design Capabilities at the third-biggest retailer in the world

Managing change is tough, but part of the problem is that there is little agreement on what factors most influence transformation initiatives. Ask five executives to name the one factor critical for the success of these programs, and you’ll probably get five different answers. That’s because each manager looks at an initiative from his or her viewpoint and, based on personal experience, focuses on different success factors. Service Design tries to apply a holistic viewpoint to these factors, helping to facilitate the delivery of multidisciplinary teams, educating and empowering employees, creating great experiences for customers. This will be an insights-led presentation sharing the story and learnings from a (failed) 18 months long change process at the third biggest retailer in the world.


About Roman Schoenboom

Romans’ service design journey took him from designing for Type II diabetes to Communities and technologies, from engaging non-designers with design to witness and victim support, from dementia care services to personal banking and everyday money and combining service design with elevator and escalator industries. Before he joined Tesco as Senior Service Designer, he worked at the Ministry of Justice improving public service.

If Roman isn't out in the wild doing hands-on user research and analysis, you can find him either leading workshops or mentoring sessions or supporting different teams with method training and a pinch of Teutonic efficiency. He is Tesco’s first service design thinking coach and works as part of the Digital Customer Experience team on scaling up the agile/service design/design thinking capability within Tesco.

Roman is also a certified facilitator for the LEGO Serious Play method, loves methodologies and training others and is an avid drummer.