Sam Hooper

Lead UX Designer

09.30 - 11.50

Conversational UI - from personas to building a bot

In this session Sam and the Cyber-Duck team will lead you through an introduction to Conversational UI, to explore a future without screens and take you through how to research, script, test, and build a bot!

About Sam Hooper

Sam is one of the Lead UX designers at Cyber-Duck. Specialising in end-to-end digital transformation projects.

Sam’s greatest attribute at work is his empathy for the user. He’s gained this from extensive experience, having run his own e-commerce business and even worked for the UN. Likewise, his experience allows him to immerse himself in any business, and hence find the perfect design solution to meet both user needs and business aspirations.

With an expertise in UX processes and a good understanding of design and coding, Sam enjoys collaborating in agile environments and is driven by exceeding user and client expectations