Saswati Mitra

UX Research Manager


Global Markets Are Your Next Big Bets

Global markets are your next big bets – Whether you are a large company like Google or Uber or a small start up, you can already start thinking about how your business might benefit from a global strategy. You can do this using some of the new tech resources and a growing number of users who speak English around the world. In this talk, we will focus on how to take these small steps, understand the real benefit and how to build it back within your product processes.

About Saswati Mitra

Saswati is the UX Research Manager for Global Growth at Uber. She manages a team of global researchers who focus on optimising Uber’s core experience in 5 different world regions. Prior to Uber, she worked at Google on internationalising Google Search in key markets like India, countries in South East Asia and Africa. In the last 11 years in her career, she has conducted research in more than 25 countries in the world helping different industries like technology, automotive, luxury goods and software services innovate on their core products for global users.

Apart from work, Saswati is a passionate advocate for mentoring early professionals and teenagers from migrant backgrounds, to enable them to find meaningful vocations in their new careers and resident cities.