Scott Weiss

VP Product Design


How Babbel Learns From It's Customers

Babbel is a language learning company. In order to deliver the best value, Babbel needs to continually learn from and adapt to customer needs. Scott will share the many modalities of learning within Babbel through anecdotes, examples, and principles.

About Scott Weiss

Scott, VP Product Design at Babbel in Berlin, the world’s leading digital language learning company, is a UX design visionary who has led design teams in several prominent tech companies across the globe. He was previously VP of Design for SwiftKey, acquired by Microsoft in 2016, and in 2001 he started work on his seminal book “Handheld Usability”, after discovering that there were no design texts for phones and other handheld devices. Scott has gone on to help create compelling user experiences on a wide range of mobile platforms.

Scott has worked with LG, Samsung, Vodafone and many other well-known brands, held career-level roles at Apple, Microsoft, Sybase and Autodesk, and ran his own UX agency in New York.