Shawn Cheris

Director of Exp Design


Designing for Horizontal Scale

For the last nine years, Shawn Cheris has been wrestling with how to design for Adobe’s massive product offering. Starting with the brand and moving through iconography, design systems, content strategy, and more, Shawn has been at the forefront of trying to bring together a huge and varied set of products and services. He’ll talk about the design process, lessons learned, and some of the unique problems that come with designing at scale (horizontally).

About Shawn Cheris

Shawn a Director of Experience Design at Adobe, where he oversees a variety of centralized teams that define how brand and experience come together in Adobe products.

Shawn has worked in the tech industry for over 22 years. Prior to a career in design, he worked a salesperson, consultant, and software engineer before attending California College of the Arts. In his spare time, he’s an avid photographer, maker, musician, and cat aficionado.