Stephanie McNee

Lead UX Researcher


Inclusive Research and Design: How to Move Fast and Have Impact in Teams

Talk synopsis coming soon, watch this space!

About Stephanie McNee

As a multidisciplinary research leader with over 12 years experience working with product teams and growing research in agile environments. Stephanie is passionate about understanding and championing users, bringing them to the heart of product development to create intelligent, smart products that bring value and delight people.

Originally from Scotland, Stephanie has a background in cognitive psychology and HCI Internet Software development and has spent time in the US and Australia. She leads Facebook’s Ad and Business Research team in London where they focus on Facebook Advertisers and Publishers – ranging from small business owners in emerging markets to the largest global brands.

Before joining Facebook, Stephanie also led Global UX research efforts for Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare and Motorola (Chicago) for consumer products.

Stephanie also mentors professionals through professional sharing and UXPA, to help early professionals grow in their careers.