Stephen Gates

Head of Design Transformation


1% Inspiration, 99% Design Thinking

Design Thinking and user-centric design are all the rage right now but few teams really understand the methodology or how to use it to empower their team and have better ideas. This interactive workshop you will give you hands on experience with all aspects of Design Thinking and a road map for you can start using it with your team.

This session will provide tangible takeaways to help you:

• Implementing design thinking processes and tools to drive innovation in your company

• Hands on experience with all the phases of inspiration, ideation, and implementation

• Using tools like visualization, mapping, and storytelling to create solutions

About Stephen Gates

Stephen is a 2nd generation Creative Director with extensive experience building agency and client-side teams creating award-winning global advertising campaigns, multiple Fortune 100 brands and innovative digital experiences. His work has received over 150 international awards, named as one of the World's 100 Greatest Apps and Apple has featured his work in 10 keynotes, 4 TV commercials as well as featuring it multiple times in Apple Stores, the App Store and Human Interface Guidelines. He shares what he has llearned with the creative community through my his blog, speaking engagements and The Crazy One podcast which is an in-depth exploration of issues that matter to creatives including leadership, creativity, career development, innovation and more.