Hana Sutch/Mark Durrant



How Hypothesis Driven Design can improve your Design practice

Furthermore’s Managing Partner Hana Sutch and Product Lead Mark Durrant will be taking you through hypothesis-driven design methodology and how you can use it in your design practice to improve your products and services.

We will be explaining how we have used hypothesis-driven design on various projects and will be providing practical exercises that will allow you to create your own and prove or disprove them through experimentation, prototyping and ongoing measurement.

The workshop will be split in two, with the first half covering the theory behind the methodology, followed by a hands-on workshop in the second half where we will be hypothesising around a set of fictional scenarios and discussing how we might measure the outcomes.

About Hana Sutch/Mark Durrant

We’re a design consultancy studio made up of researchers, strategists, designers and prototypers who have designed and built products and services using just about any platform available today and some from tomorrow. 

Business strategy and user experience is at the heart of what drives us. We work quickly and collaboratively with brands and businesses to face their biggest challenges. We prototype and create solutions that stand-out in the landscape, have a clear value proposition and are validated through evidence-based research and design. We operate semi-remotely and have a studio in London and an outpost in Stockholm, Sweden.