Sam Clark

Managing Director


Hello Car : Our Future Interactions with Vehicles and Their Personalities

From Michael Knight talking to KITT to Tom Cruise moving data on his BMW windshield; a future where we talk and gesture to our vehicles is inching its way ever closer.

Over the last year I’ve been researching the technologies, talking to OEMs and understanding emergent vehicle personalities and non-visual interfaces. What I’ve come to see is that the path forward for users and designers alike is far from clear, and I’d like to share my thoughts on the challenges ahead of us.

About Sam Clark

Sam studied multimedia design at Northumbria before embarking on a career as a UI designer for a series of web design agencies. During his first 3 years in industry he designed websites, microsites and facebook apps for the likes of Chelsea Football Club, Nickelodeon, Disney, the NHS, Cadbury and Sony.

In mid 2007 Sam was designing experimental apps for the Nokia N95 with RBS and Adobe. When the iPhone arrived, and a year later the app store opened he took the plunge and founded Conjure, a mobile application design and build agency. As they’ve grown they’ve branched into other areas Including vehicle dashboard design and VR. Most recently I’ve overseen the UX/UI design of the new Ford GT and the Triumph Street Triple 2017 HMIs.

Sam is fascinated by the direction that technology is taking the transport industry; how upstarts such as Tesla have built legacy free platforms from scratch and how the old guard OEMs are under threat from new players. 

With the vehicle set to become a place of work, rest and play we’re poised for a revolution in the commercial and private vehicle sector.

Outside of work he is big into metal music and love playing drums, loudly.