Elmo Soomets

UX Lead Designer


Thinking Hats Method for In-House Product Validation.

In-house innovation is a challenge. Having new ideas and developing them into successful products takes consistent flow of ideas and well-defined validation funnel.

In the workshop you will conduct early phase validation of an product idea which participants themselves are not targeted users. That means applying extra layer of empathy and method of role plays. As result of workshop you should be able use additional tool in your daily work when it comes to developing new designs, products or functions

About Elmo Soomets

Elmo is Lead Designer in the UX research and development team. During his career he has been part of number of product design and development projects. Based on his experience, Elmo has introduced custom product design process with the impact to CX, engineering and business development teams.

Mobi Lab is a product development and customer experience agency and an in-house incubation lab for mobile services and applications. Mobi Lab’s team is behind multiple in-house spin-off products as well as consulted number of successful startups in FinTech, media and IoT sectors.