Elin Sjursen

Director of UX


Cells, Sentences and Spice - Service Design at MOJ

Want to know what Service Designers do at MoJ?

An overview of the big challenges our teams face today and in the future across the many touch points of the criminal journey and how we attempt to solve them.

About Elin Sjursen

Elin Sjursen - Director of UX

Elin has been designing services across different industries for the past 15 years, challenging what it means to be a designer & questioning the ethics behind the interactions and vision for a service. As the Head of Design for Ministry of Justice, Elin has led a team of 22 designers who sit in cross disciplinary teams delivering services for the public across the criminal journey.

Jack Collier - Head of User Centered Policy Design Group

Jack heads up a policy design function in the Ministry of Justice. The aim is to adapt user centered design approaches to policy problems in government. His background is in digital delivery and public policy.