Chris Gibbins

Director of UX


Customer Experience Optimisation for Ecommerce

Customer Experience Optimisation for Ecommerce

This workshop is aimed at practitioners and managers who are responsible for continually improving the user experience, conversion rates and revenues of Ecommerce sites. The workshop will provide you with practical strategies, methods and also many ideas to take away and apply to your own businesses.

The workshop will cover:

a) How to use benchmarking to identify the areas of the journey with the most potential and how to calculate how much this is worth to the business

b) The most effective Research and Analysis techniques to uncover the biggest opportunities and how to turn these insights into design improvements

c) How to prioritise and put together an optimisation roadmap

d) The art and science of experimentation (A/B testing, Personalisation, Prototype testing). How to get the best out of your testing strategy, including techniques for designing tests and analysing the results.

e) What a successful CXO programme should look like and what you should aim for in terms of results.

About Chris Gibbins

A User Experience, Optimisation & Personalisation specialist with many years of experience helping retailers and other ecommerce businesses continually improve the customer experience, increase conversion rates and revenues. Leading a talented team at Biglight and working with fantastic clients such as Asda George, Aurum, Boden, Eurostar, Furniture Village, Halfords, The North Face, Timberland and Vans.


Biglight is an Experience Design Agency. We exist to increase revenue for our clients, by creating remarkable customer experiences.
We combine the power of UX, Creative, Content and Optimisation with over 10 years’ ecommerce experience to create, optimise and personalise experiences that are based on user needs and maximise customer value. Our focus on customer experience and our unique combination of capabilities  means we cross many of the traditional boundaries between services to deliver the solutions our customers need.