Dr Nick Fine

UX Researcher


The Science of UX: User Research

There are two things in short supply in the UX market at the moment:  science and researchers.  In this workshop, Nick will show you:

– the value of science to UX and to you

– how to become a scientific UX practitioner

– how to gain research skills

– common research mistakes and how to avoid them

– how scientific UX and web analytics drives conversion

– how to introduce research into your UX team, including resistant managers

– how scientific UX is a catalyst for transformation

About Dr Nick Fine

Nick is a lead user experience practitioner with 20 years experience in digital, for both agency and client. He was awarded his PhD in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in 2009 from Brunel University for his work on personalisation and also holds MSc HCI from University College London (2004) and BSc Psychology (1996) from Portsmouth University. By combining academic research skills and HCI knowledge with commercial UX experience, Nick has successfully delivered a number of complex and mission-critical projects, including air traffic control, financial systems and pharmaceutical drug trial planning. He has been lead UX on projects for a number of brands, including Coca Cola, SAB Miller, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, EY, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, BT, Virgin Media, Camelot and was head of UX at SAS (now MSLGROUP).

Nick’s areas of expertise are behavioural personalisation, personality psychology, conversion rate optimisation, remote user testing and transformation through user experience.