Yolanda Martin

Head of Platform Product Design


Large scale platform ecosystem service maps (WIP)

User journey maps and service maps are the bread and butter of any UX designer, but what happens when you have to face a large scale end-to-end Platform Ecosystem?

Where to start? Information gathering methods for large scale on Multi Entity platforms. (WIP)

About Yolanda Martin

Yolanda is a recognised expert, innovator and contributor in product and UX, with tons of experience in user interface design, visual art direction, storytelling and UI implementation strategies for system designs for any platform. She is passionate about making technology more human, by crafting elegant and simple applications that are beautiful and make a difference in people’s lives.

Yolanda's experience with organisational development, design culture, process, strategy and execution are the direct result of having shipped numerous incredibly awesome product releases. By working closely with users, executives, engineers, stakeholders, and investors, she makes sure products and services exhibit simplicity, consistency, stylistic breadth, attention to detail, balanced beauty, innovation, usability, and deep coolness.